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How to Keep your Pets Safe During a Hailstorm

by | Jun 17, 2021 | Dent Repair, Paintless Dent Repair

Like any storm event, making sure you are prepared for the storm season is a must. Many of us aren’t prepared for hail as it can be so unpredictable. If hail has been forecasted, first and foremost make sure the whole family including pets are all indoors. Pets can sense when storms are coming and can become very anxious in response. If you cannot find your pet, check their favorite hiding places and try to keep them with you throughout the storm, especially if you need to seek shelter as well. Hail can be quite an experience to watch but can be very dangerous.

– Pet owners should make sure their pet has access to food and water.

– If your pet suffers from anxiety during storms, finding a warm cosy room away from windows can lessen their anxiety.

– In the case that they escape, its good to have a collar on your pet at all times with an ID tag stating their name and the owners phone number so they can be easily identified and returned back to their owner.

Make sure you stay indoors, avoid gathering near windows or watching from a backyard patio as the hail can fall diagonally based on the direction of the strong winds. Keep windows and doors closed to avoid scared pets running out into the storm. If there is an emergency where your pet/s are caught outside you absolutely need to go outside to retrieve them as it can be life threatening, making sure you are taking extreme precautions when doing so move quickly and cover your head with something hard or heavy such as a thick blanket or bath mat.


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