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The Impacts of Hail Damage On your Vehicle

by | Jun 12, 2021 | Dent Repair, Paintless Dent Repair

The Impact of Hail Damage on your Vehicle can raise a few unknown uncertainties when it comes to your vehicle.

Re-sale Value – When your car is hit by hail it can cause rapid depreciation to your vehicle if you decide to leave your hail damage untreated. Traditionally many repairers choose to remove the hail damage by using body fillers and painting over. This means removing any previously applied paint protection from the now damaged panel. The factory paint finish is usually guaranteed via a warranty to protect your vehicle from the hazards of rust and other issues such as acid rain and stains. Removing that paint invalidates the paint protection warranty. Ensure that when your vehicle has had any paint repairs, that you request from your insurer for the paint protection to be included in your repair process, if you have any such warranty with your vehicle. Depending on the quality of the paint repairs to the vehicle, if the repairs do not meet the required quality standards, it may affect the future value and or sale of your vehicle. In order to restore your vehicle to its original condition, paintless dent removal is the preferred method of repair.

Potential write-off – Being told your brand new car or even much loved old car is a write-off can be so disappointing. Unfortunately some damage is so severe that the cost of repair is more than what the vehicle is worth, therefore the insurance company will not pay to fix your vehicle. Rather, they may decide to provide you with a payout figure based on the value that is stated on your insurance policy.

Left without a vehicle – Paintless dent repair quickly restores your vehicle’s worth and appearance. Once your insurance company approves your claim, you should only be without your vehicle for a few days, thus potentially eliminating your loan car requirement (if included within your policy). Instead, you may only need a ride from a family member, friend or ride-hailing app while the PDR repairs take place. Hail dent removal professionals understand this all too well. That’s why they offer quality and efficient paintless dent repair that returns your vehicle to you as soon as possible.

It is advisable that you choose a hire car option within your car insurance policy > Car hire can be an expensive out of pocket expense after a hail storm, especially if your car requires paint work. Panel shops can at times have your car for up to 3 weeks or more depending on the scope of the damage and the repair times.

Don’t jeopardise the safety of your vehicle – Hail damage can be severe, causing cracks on your windscreen that will only get worse if not replaced immediately. A crack is a major safety hazard particularly when driving. A crack in your windscreen makes your car unsafe and undriveable.

Unexpected expenses – It is always best to make sure you have insurance and check that you are covered during a storm event.






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